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Run River North rocks St. Louis and Kollaboration

Most independent bands only brush through the Midwest on tour, usually stopping in Chicago before moving onto bigger cities, so I couldn’t believe when Run River North decided to stop in St. Louis. Run River North came to my neck of the woods last August as part of their headline tour around sixteen U.S. cities. […]

Interview with AJ Rafael: on YouTube, new collaborations, and audience chemistry

AJ Rafael is a popular singer-songwriter, with over 550,000 subscribers on YouTube. He was one of the guest judges at Kollaboration Star 2014. He has released two EPs, “Juicebox” in 2010 and “Beautiful Escape” in 2013, as well as an album, “Red Roses,” in 2011. In June, he announced in a letter published on New Media Rock Stars […]

Jenny Yang, Kollaboration Star 2014 co-host, talks Asian American activism, comedy, sexuality, and more

Jenny Yang is a comic, writer, and the producer of the Disoriented Comedy tour. She shared with Kollaboration her thoughts on being an Asian American woman in comedy, sexuality, how Asian Americans can pair arts and entertainment with activism, and more. On audience reception to the Disoriented Comedy tour, and why she decided to start […]

Join the Movement – Kollaboration 2015 Global Staff Recruitment

What does it take to put on a Kollaboration? It takes a team of special individuals who come together to create something truly amazing. From producing exciting live events, to creating dazzling pieces of digital media, Kollaboration Staff members are constantly working on something impressive, and ultimately important. After all, Kollaboration teams are on the […]

From Coast to Coast: Capturing the Journey of Alfa

Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” If my memory serves me right, the first time I saw Alfa perform was at an open mic in our native New Jersey. The Garden State lived up to its moniker, cultivating a diverse lineage of musicians: home […]