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Empowerment Through Entertainment

Kollaboration is a global platform to discover, empower, and connect AAPI artists and leaders to promote diversity representation in media.

pictured: G Yamazama, Winner Kollaboration DC 2012

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Cary Fukunaga Wins an Emmy for ‘True Detective’

Cary Fukunaga took home his very first Emmy for his work on True Detective last night and possibly became the first Asian American to win an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, or for any kind of directing at all for that matter.

5 Female Asian American Executives You Should Know

Asian American women have been steadily rising in the world of entertainment over the past few years, whether it’s been through landing leading roles on television or performing at live music festivals.  But what about the Asian American women in executive roles?

On Being Biracial: An Op-Ed

Predictably, there is much ambivalence about growing up a mixed-race child. At times it is like a genetic smörgåsbord at which you can pick and choose the various traits associated with your heritages to compose a sort of Frankenstein ethnicity akin to Gattaca or, you know, Frankenstein.