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Angie Kim on Spa Night and Chasing Her Acting Dreams – Coffee Break with Minji Chang

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We finish our series of interviews with the cast and  crew of “Spa Night” with Angie Kim, who was also in 2015’s K-Town Cowboys. Angie shares her experiences of watching the film for the first time at Sundance as well as what drives her to pursue her acting career. Can you guess who her acting role model is?

Find out more about “Spa Night” at http://www.nonethelessproductions.com/spanight

Producers: Minji Chang & Marvin Yueh
Director: Dennis Chang
Assistant Director: Eva Hsia
Production Assistant: Brianna Kim
Camera Operator: John Enriquez
Edited by: Aubrey Magalang

Special thanks to Zenith Division for their assistance in making this video.

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Marvin Yueh is the managing editor of the Kollaboration Blog and the host of the KollabCast.
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