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Soul/Blues Band

The 19Diamonds are a Folk/Blues/R&B fusion band made up of Jay Burge’t on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Mike Salcido playing Lead guitar/back-up vocals, James Speros on bass, and Charles Price on Drums/percussion. Hailing from the small town of Hercules, CA also known as the “Dynamic City”, the 19Diamonds use their little town’s nickname as an inspiration to push a new unique style of music. With a mixture of soulful vocals, bluesy guitar riffs, and a modern R&B drum and bass sound, the band is an attraction to music lovers with a wide range of musical taste.
Though it may seem that the 19diamonds are a young band made up of ordinary guys, each band member has something quite unique to bring to the table. Not only did the band start in high school, but three out of four of the members met during their time in the Hercules Middle/High School orchestra. At young age of 10 years old, lead vocalist Jay Burge’t, Lead Guitarist Mike Salcido, and Bassist James Speros picked up their first musical instruments. Jay and Mike chose the viola while James pursued the cello. Drummer Charles Price also got his musical start in school as a bass vocalist in the Hercules High School choir. It wasn’t until Jay and Mike graduated from High School Charles joined the band as full-time drummer.
The 19diamonds have accomplished a lot in the past 3 years of existence with performances at School events, farmers markets, weddings, local talent showcases, LeBurge’t Salon’s Grand Opening in San Francisco, Sophia’s Thai Kitchen in Davis, CA, The Starry Plough in Berkeley, CA, and Steeltown Coffee in Pittsburg, CA. The band’s biggest accomplishment came from a college talent competition in Davis, CA where they outshined 12 gifted artists and stole the hearts of the judges to win the grand prize. With Jay as the main songwriter/lyricist, the band has produced over 40 songs with each member adding a bit of their own musical flair. As the 19diamonds continue their quest towards a successful music career, they hope to gain the respect from fans, artists, and the music industry to let them understand that good music is still out there, and that you just have to wait for them to find you.


  • Performed at Kollaboration San Francisco in 2014
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