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Alex Carbonel


Alexandria Carbonel was born on June 22nd to Wayne and Rhonda Carbonel. She was raised in Fremont, California just a few minutes away from the heart of the Bay Area.
She is of both Filipino and Irish decent and her music often reflects the laid back style of her family's Hawaiian roots. Growing up she was influenced by the music her parents listened to like R&B, Soul, and Country, as well as the Pop, Hip-Hop, and even Hyphy music of her times.
Throughout her youth, even as far back as elementary school, Alex excelled in sports. In High School she played Varsity Softball, Volleyball, and Basketball. In 2008 she started for Saint Mary's College's Women's Basketball Team. As a NCAA Division 1 Athlete, Alex has managed to both create beautiful music and inspire others around her to diversify their lives outside of school.


  • Performed at Kollaboration San Francisco in 2011
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