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In 2007, C.O.D.A. (Chicago Onyx Dance Alliance) was established to train and expose up-and-coming dancers to the professional world of dance and quickly grew into one of Chicago's most entertaining dance companies.The group is comprised of some of the most talented Hip Hop dancers around the city who collectively take a role in the development of Hip Hop dance as a prestigious and prominent art form.

As a multicultural dance company, C.O.D.A. prides itself in the versatility of dance styles and creative ideas within the company. Understanding the authenticity and history of Hip Hop, we embrace all styles including street, footworking, house, breakdancing, popping, locking, tutting, freestyling, new school, old school and more. With dancers that come from both trained and untrained backgrounds, we can appreciate the possession of raw talent and acknowledge the importance of discipline and training. C.O.D.A. aims to share the common interest of Hip Hop to all people and to demonstrate a mutual understanding and respect for other dancers alike.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Chicago in 2013
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