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Connie Lim


Connie's live-for-now mentality keeps her constantly racing the clock as she writes her own music, produces her own demos, and books her own tours where she hypnotizes crowds via looping, synthesizers, lyrics, but most of all, her voice. “From a bedroom whisper to a stadium belt” –buzzfeed.com, Connie’s vocals paint a wide range of colors in her meticulously written songs. Fans also know her for unabashedly cheesy humor, as she cracks puns tests out jokes on stage. has toured all over the States, and in the cities that she performs she is known for her wide and eclectic range in songwriting styles. Listeners who haven't seen her live yet may have heard her songs on ABC family's TV show Twisted or MTV's Real World. Lim also penned a song entitled "LA City" that got popular on youtube and led to a singles deal with a record label based out of Nashville.
In 2013 Connie Lim pushed forward as a completely independent artist with the help of her's supporters, also known as "Team Limitless. " Team Limitless donated over $13,000 for Connie to record her first full-length album, A Better Part of Me. Connie released this CD in honor of her late friend who committed suicide early 2013, after struggling with depression. Completely shocked at how such a beautiful person could now be gone, she released a record of positive empowerment for anyone who needs help pushing through darkness.
Examiner.com’s LA Music Critic Awards nominated A Better Part of Me as Best Female CD of the year. Music Connection Magazine also published Lim as one of the hottest 100 unsigned live performers of the year, while Buzzfeed.com listed Lim as one of the Top 10 Asian American Musicians to Get Behind. Because Connie continues tirelessly to hone her craft and journey, there will be definitely much more good things to come.
Learn more about Connie at WWW.CONNIELIMMUSIC.COM.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Los Angeles in 2008
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