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GT Qurbani

Dance Team

Qurbani is an all-male fusion dance team that incorporates many unique styles/forms of dancing. These styles include Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood, Bhangra, and a few more! This team is always open to expanding the versatility of dance styles incorporated in routines, because one of the main focuses on the team is transforming each individual on the team to an amazing dancer. We are always looking for individuals with the potential to work hard and grow into the best dancer possible, which means that anyone can try out! Dance experience is not required to join this team, only a diligent personality is! The definition of Qurbani means sacrifice. It is the perfect way to describe our team because all of our team members sacrifice much time in order to put in as much effort possible to help the team reach its potential. There are many dancers on the team that have had no dancing experience before joining and are destroying the stage in every performance. We really try to foster personal development in each of our members, which is the primary reason why Qurbani has come along so far in the past couple of years. Starting out as only a performance team in 2006 as a pure Bhangra team, Qurbani only began entering into competitions in 2010. Ever since then, one of our ultimate goals has been to compete nationally and thus, create a sense of unity among our group and also have a blast while doing it. We’ve been to a total of 8 national competitions in the history of this team and each one of them has been great. This dance team always has a bright future as talent constantly is surging into the team every year. No matter what, we strive to have as much fun possible in any situation and this brotherhood is the strongest one may ever see within a dance team. Clear Eyes, Full Heart… Can’t Lose.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Atlanta in 2012
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