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Ira Perez


Ira Perez, a (21) twenty-one year old native Houstonian, is known to many in the music community as a triple threat. She is blessed with the talent of mastering multiple instruments (guitar, piano and bass), possessing a captivating voice and song writing skills that are found to be ingenious. Through the confluence of her gifted abilities she has recorded over 40 original songs and several covers which include an array of genres from alternative, pop, dance, and rock to soul/R&B.
Writing since the age of 15, her music has been inspired by such artists as Adele, Corrine Bailey Rae, The Beatles, Lauryn Hill, Muse, Erykah Badu and Carol King. Ira’s music and lyrics have always disclosed a sense of vulnerability and enlightenment which have been said to be heartfelt. Her sound defined as “soulful alternative pop”, encompasses the ethereal of Sara Bareilles, the soul of Sade, the jazz of Norah Jones and the acoustic sensitivity of John Mayer.
Ira has transcended from her local high school sensation to the Houston Press Music Award’s-2010 Best Female Vocalist. She has been the recipient of many awards however this was one of her greatest achievements being in a category with several talented female artists and voted by thousands in the Houston community. Earning the attention of several media outlets including radio, television and print her reputation continues to cultivate. Dedicated listeners follow her sound and new fans become intrigued while performing at events and venues such as the Bayou City Arts Festival, The Capitol at St. Germain, and several shows for the City of Houston’s Mayor’s Office of Special Events.
Ira an affiliate with BMI Music Group was invited to attend the 2011 BMI Urban Music Awards in Los Angeles. This experience not only surrounded her with the presence of her most admired artists such as Urban Songwriter of the Year- Drake, but drove her back into the studio at full force. She is very passionate about her pursuit as an artist in this industry and continues to work hard ensuring that her music is heard and felt in the hearts of all those that listen. DJ Baby Jae, from CBS Radio’s Hot 95.7 says it best, “Good to hear a real voice that has the ‘It’ factor. But it’s even better to hear a voice that connects with people. Ira is pure talent! Young, beautiful and a breath of fresh air….”


  • Performed at Kollaboration Houston in 2010
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