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Rap Artist

The J stands for the initial of his first name (Justin) and the Reyez (The word Rise spelled Eyez with an R) stands for his fast elevation since stepping in to the music game. This young lyricist displays a disciplined work ethic rarely seen at his age with a quiet confidence of an industry veteran.

J-REYEZ has emerged as one of Canada's most multi dimensional Hip Hop prospects versed in the new school DIY "Do It Yourself" era of writing, producing, recording, mixing/engineering, graphic design and directing/editing his own music videos. His music videos have garnered over millions of views on YouTube and have been profiled many times on Hip Hop's biggest online video sharing site, WorldStarHipHop.com as well as his music video "Little Miss Innocent" having aired on Canadian Television Channel, MuchMusic, on medium rotation.

Sought after as the fresh vision for street artists, some industry insiders say he is taking the online indie game to another level through his YouTube and online social network marketing. This balance of underground online presence and main stream media support demonstrates this young talent is making moves well beyond the Canadian borders. His smooth transition from verse to verse in a rhyme is continued from shot to shot in the videos he produces. This 'double edged sword' is cutting through the fat of Maple Leaf rap leaving listeners to a leaner cut of prime rhymes.

So needless to say his GRIND is now paying off as his legion of fans are quickly growing globally online. J-REYEZ has more than 100 shows under his belt as well as touring in different cities in Canada, US, Europe, UK and Australia and captured the underground hip hop circles through his relentless hustle. J-REYEZ is exactly what is needed for Hip Hop, while others wait, he is already doing it for himself.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Toronto in 2011
  • Performed at Kollaboration Toronto in 2008
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