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Kapwa Modern


Kapwa Modern is a Hip Hop dance group affiliated with Loyola University Chicago and a branch off of Kapwa, Loyola's Filipino Organization. Under the direction of Co-Directors Liz Galván and Roldan Alegre, Sub-Directors Melissa Bravo, Rowan Quinain, and Tou Ger Lee, and Captains Bryan Quiaoit and Eesle Koh, Kapwa Modern brings together a diverse group of individuals from the Chicago region. Our group represents various backgrounds, styles of dance, and hip hop crews from Chicago while ultimately representing and honoring our Kapwa mission of "brotherhood". Together, as a family united by our passion for dance, we utilize movement as our form of self-expression in order to convey our purpose as individuals, dancers, and Kapwa Modern as a whole.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Chicago in 2012
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