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Kato Dox

Rap Artist

Kato Dox grew up in Dallas, Texas, the city where he was first introduced to the sound and culture of hip hop. At a young age, Kato truly excelled in writing and always had a keen interest for poetry. So with the introduction to the hip-hop culture, it was natural for him to gravitate towards rap music and its witty rhyme scheme, metaphor and vivid depiction of everyday life. He started rapping at the age of eleven with school friends and kids from around the neighborhood. His early influences were lyrical rappers that were leading the industry in the 90’s such as Tupac Shakur, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem. He was captivated by the word play and substance that the music contained.

With hard work and dedication, Kato continued to pursue his passion, not for rap music alone, but his passion for music in general. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor in business. During his attendance at the university, Kato continued to work on music, performing at local venues, and releasing music at a constant pace. To solidify his credibility as a musician, Kato also took courses to learn the elements of music, and all aspect of the industry through Music Entrepreneurship.

He was always up for a challenge and never been the type to be satisfied with his current achievements. So with his graduation from UT, he immediately enrolled back in school, but this time, it was to satisfy his passion for music. He is currently a student at Austin Community College and learning the arts of Audio Engineering and Producing.

Kato has the confidence of a rapper and the knowledge of an Audio Engineer. He prides himself on being a witty lyricist that can provide substance, energy, and adapt to any sub-genre of hip-hop. His motto is to make good music that someone can relate to. He applies the same motto to his start-up label, Ransom Life Records, which he created in early 2010. RANSOM is an acronym that stands for Realizing A New State Of Mind (or Realizing A New Sound Of Music) which is Kato’s approach for music creation.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Houston in 2012
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