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Love Revolution


Racella, Jodie and Gavin played there first gig together at a debut. Just vocals, guitar and bass. They would later go on to start a Christian band called "Born Again" in there early teens. Racella left the group after one year and Jodie and Gavin continued playing together and played in different shows both inside church and out. Racella pursued a solo career and really began to develop into an all around performer. She began writing and producing her own music. Racella also started taking dance lessons and is in a local dance crew; Studio 611 dance team. After, ten years they reunited. What was supposed to be a simple jam session turned out to be something amazing. After playing jamming one song together for the first time in ten years the fire that was etched in there bones was rekindled. This set the stage for Love Revolution. Also, present on that day of faith was Jorge. Jorge added a very dynamic piece to Love Revolution and was the missing piece to the trio. After juggling several drummers Tim heard about Love Revolution through a mutual friend. Once he heard them play he new that Love Revolution was the TRUTH. The rest is history. Together they will move forward to WRITE history.


  • Performed at Kollaboration San Francisco in 2011
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