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A Cappella Group

Originally a quartet, LVL5 was founded in 2012 by Carla. The rest of the original members, Kevin, Octavia and Alex were approached by Carla to sing a 4 part song for their Vocal Jazz class at Diablo Valley College. Once Kevin realized how well the group got along and blended, he presented to the group his own transcription of Pentatonix's then popular cover of "Starships" by Nikki Minaj. It was then that the 4 realized that THAT, is the type of a cappella LVL5 wanted to do. After covering many of Pentatonix's arrangements, LVL5 decided it was time to start creating arrangements of their own. And shortly after that decision was made, LVL5's version of "Skyfall" was born......


  • Performed at Kollaboration San Francisco in 2013
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