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Maybe Refuge


For fans of: Our Lady Peace, Incubus, Matthew Good Band

Maybe Refuge was formed by longtime friends Joey (guitar/vocals), Hiu (bass/vocals) & John (guitar). The three grew up with decidedly different musical tastes yet listening to and playing music meant the same thing to each of them; it was a refuge, a shelter, an escape from all the things in the world that did not seem to make sense.

After spending months as an acoustic act they started to experiment with their sound in an edgier rock fashion. Combining driving bass grooves, modern guitar tone and a familiar story-telling writing style, the three could each find a strong sense of comfort and relation with this new direction; each member had his own distinct voice, shaped by his experiences and influences. However, it was not easy to perform as they were lacking a heartbeat, a backbone, a driving force - they could not find a drummer.

But good things come to those who continue to work. After 6 months of fruitless auditions with dozens of drummers, the idea of playing live shows to a soulless backing drum track became very real. Out of desperation, Nico posted a final somber ad on Craigslist. The rock solid Lauren (drums) responded to it the very same day and after their first jam, Maybe Refuge's identity was set.

Their debut EP "Collision" showcased a raw group of a musicians growing into their instruments and discovering their own style. With their new 7-song EP "Familiar to Few" (released in June 2014), they present a more mature, defined sound which accents their development as a single cohesive unit. Will their listeners ever feel a sense of refuge from their music? Maybe. But whatever the outcome, this band will continue to uphold the drive, dedication, and sense of purpose their sound is known for.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Toronto in 2012
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