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Oak and Gorski


Ken Oak, vocals and cello, and Ed Gorski, vocals and guitar, have been making music together since 2005. After the two were introduced through a mutual friend, at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, they were quick to start. It was a mere two months later, on Halloween, Oak dressed as Waldo and Gorski as Gunnar Nelson, that they were playing their first acoustic show together. As seven years have passed, the group has self booked twelve national and international tours, sold over 30,000 albums and secured numerous TV and film placements such as Dreamwork’s “She’s The Man”, Lifetime’s “A Nanny’s Secret” and CSI: NY.

Described by Billboard Magazine as “soulful” and “calming”, Oak & Gorski’s harmonies and songwriting will take you into the soothing world they have created for you. With inspiration from Ryan Adams, Depeche Mode and the Indigo Girls, you can feel their diverse musical backgrounds come together, creating something completely incomparable.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Los Angeles in 2008
  • Performed at Kollaboration Los Angeles in 2005
  • Performed at Kollaboration Los Angeles in 2003
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