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Persuasion (pka PersuAsian)

Dance Crew

Persuasion (no longer PersuAsian) is an all female dance crew at Emory University that incorporates various hip hop styles. Originally founded as a small asian dance team in the Spring of 2008, the team hoped to reach out to the Asian-American community on Emory Campus by uniquely fusing the traditional East Asian dance-forms with the modern hip-hop dance style. Since then, the group has evolved into a dynamic and reputable dance team. Persuasion often performs for the Asian community on Emory's campus at annual events such as Korean Culture Night, Lunar Banquet, and the China Care Fundraiser Banquet, in addition to major campus-wide events such as Cultural Beats, Essence, Best in Show, and AHANA dance. Persuasion has also participated in Atlanta-wide competitions such as Culture Shock, Kollaboration ATL II, III and IV. Persuasion hopes to continue to grow in developing different hip hop styles and to spread their love for dance!


  • Performed at Kollaboration Atlanta in 2011
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