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Singing Duo

Two contrasting lives, experiences and personalities found plaited into one: Plaitwrights is the raw, upbeat Toronto duo, Xylk Lorena and Angela Abrenica. The two 20-year-olds' distinct, erratic style, is heavily influenced by visionaries such as Outkast, Janelle Monae, Childish Gambino, Ella Fitzgerald, Kid Cudi and Erykah Badu. Together, they produce an eclectic sound that challenges the norm and pushes the boundaries on musical style and genre. Xylk's sharp, driven flow and eloquent rhymes balanced with Angela's entrancing melodies and sedative vocals, delivers more than just soul, but the very life in the music they produce.

The two began their quest in late 2010 as two solo artists in constant collaboration. Subsequently, the young pair recognized the potential for a successful partnership when their first several projects received an abundance of local praise after their release in March 2011. Thus, occurred the creation of Plaitwrights.

The duo later expanded their abilities by playing full blown live shows with the versatile, groovy, four piece band, Charleston Relay who's often compared to modern hip hop groups like The Roots and The Internet. Performing at venues across the GTA and California this past fall, the blazing performers have shared stages alongside Canadian and American artists such as Talib Kweli, Kardinal Offishall, The Airplane Boys, Shi Wisdom, Andreena Mill, Rich Kidd, Unbuttoned, John River, Clara C, Tori Kelly and NYLO.

Parallel to their towering list of live performances within the past couple years, Plaitwrights have self-released their first fully produced EP, entitled "cmyk" in August 2013. A sold out release show with hundreds of physical and digital copies sold within less than a month, embodies the duo's dedication to their talents and music. They have also consistently released self directed, written and edited conceptual music videos with SD Entertainment that has generated over 50,000 views and featured in various hip-hop websites and blogs.

Aside from music, the prolific pair have shared their unpredictable yet tasteful sense of fashion by collaborating with Toronto brands such as Nozo Toronto, Brimz Hat Store, and Cloaks by 13th Floor and Thieves.

Continuously flourishing within the industry, Plaitwrights dare to stay an authentic representation of Toronto itself and intend to elevate their diverse city onto a new pedestal in independent music.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Toronto in 2013
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