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The Shawn Megofna Band


Coming to you from the Bay Area in California TSMB brings you a sound experience you will never forget. Comprised of its core members Shawn Megofna (Lead Singer/Ukulele), Anthony Francisco (Lead Guitar) & Alvin Mata (Sexy Saxophone), these three gentlemen put on a show that will rivet your very soul and leave you wanting more! With a sound that is always redefining itself in many brilliant ways, TSMB strives to bring you the most unique musical experience you have ever heard. Shawn Megofna who has been referred to as the Chamorro Bruno Mars, is the heartbeat of TSMB, from composing their original songs to developing a set list that embodies a variety of genres and sounds, his musical journey has led him to this very band, and the product of hard work and collaboration has paid off. TSMB’s influences include many artists across the board such as Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and many more!


  • Performed at Kollaboration San Francisco in 2011
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