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Vince Nantes


When you think of one of the more promising artists the midwest has to offer, you have to think of singer/songwriter, Vince Nantes. Hailing from his hometown, Chicago, IL, this R&B artist has his sights set on breaking the ‘mold’ in the music industry and showing everyone that he can do it just as good as anyone else. Known for his melodic & versatile voice, Vince Nantes delivers his music with high quality sound. Growing up into a musical family, it helped solidify his appreciation & love for music. Beginning at the age of 6, he took piano lessons, which then led to him joining a children’s choir throughout his earlier years. This then translated to talent shows, small tours, and being an opening act for todays biggest names. From opening up for Slum Village, Travis Porter, and doing a South by Southwest Music showcase in Austin,Texas, to name a few, being an onstage presence is nothing new. Fast forward to today, Vince Nantes, spent his years studying music & his music influences. Learning & understanding the ins and outs of a song from songwriters to producers, and identifying the different styles by those he studies, it helped him develop into the artist and strong songwriter he is today. His skills go from songwriter not only for himself, but for male and female artists in the R&B/Pop genre as well. His signature style in songwriting & vocal arrangement is comparable to music industry standard. It’s guaranteed his delivery is smooth & flawless. Pair him up with an A-list producer, and you are sure to have a guaranteed hit. Just recently moving to Los Angeles to further pursue music, he is now working alongside Apl De Ap of the Black Eyed Peas. Vince Nantes is ready to set the universe ablaze, a definite star in the making.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Chicago in 2013
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