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Rock Band

Two friends meet. One has the music, the other has the words. Therein lies the birth of Xwansongs. A collaboration of two friends who thought they were finished making music but instead created something unique yet catchy.

Today Xwansongs, now a quintet, continues to make unique, yet catchy songs. Raging guitars, driving drums, groove bass, and tasteful percussion backing a soulful voice singing memorable melodies that you’ll be singing days later. Combining elements of pop, soul, electronica, and even jazz throughout their entire catalog, it’s not unheard of for the band to take you from rock, to blues, to jazz, to chill, and bring you back to rock in a single set, flowing gracefully between the high points of rock to the lullabies that bring tears to eyes. There are ups and there are downs. Just like in life.

And the music comes from life.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Houston in 2010
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