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Yellow Boyz

Rap Group

Yellow Boyz are a rap group from Atlanta, consisting of three MCs, Passda (b. 2-18-90), Al P (b. 12-4-89), and Jeniside (b. 1-26-89). Childhood friends who grew up together in the "Northside" of the "A", Passda and Al P first entered the world of hip hop in the late 2000s by competing in the Grindtime rap battle league and performing at the ATL Asian Hip Hop Summit. Jeniside was a solo artist recording Passda and AL P at his home studio, who also produced his own beats and officially joined the crew in 2010, and Yellow Boyz were formed.

After a series of high-profile performances, including with Three 6 Mafia in Chicago, Souljah Boy at Wild Bill's in Northside ATL, and Raekwon in Nashville, Yellow Boyz became "street certified" when their first single, "Southern Swang feat. Jackie Chain," was showcased by DJ Greg Street on V103 FM Atlanta. The buzz continued to build, as YBZ hit ATL's open mic circuit hard, frequenting spots like T.I.'s Club Crucial. YBZ would return to V103 in early 2011 when Al P defeated 3 time champ Jit the Shit in an on-air MC Battle judged by Sonny Digital (producer of "Racks on Racks"). Yellow Boyz made their New York City debut by performing at the 2011 edition of Rock the Bells.

Increasingly recognized in the US music industry for their lyricism, swagger, and crunk live performance, YBZ experienced a turning point on August 12, 2011, when they appeared on MNET's Superstar K, Korea's American Idol. They performed "Oh Nuna You," which became an instant hit in Korea, vaulting YBZ into the international spotlight as the representative of the "gyopo" or overseas Korean. Not long after, a video surfaced in which Passda and Al P were shown, in footage shot during a vacation that was their first trip to Korea, engaging in "disrespectful" acts, such as Al P lying down on the counter of a Korean fast food restaurant while singing a song. This Jackass-style video outraged and fascinated an entire nation, and Yellow Boyz became the most searched item on all Korean web portals for two straight weeks. Yellow Boyz appeared three more times on Superstar K and were nominated, at season's end, for the Super Award "Hot Issue".

Overnight famous in Korea and in the worldwide Korean community, Yellow Boyz maintained focused on maximizing their fanbase in America. On October 1, 2011, they embarked on their first national tour, as the headliner of the Asian Hip Hop Summit 10 Year Anniversary Tour, gaining new fans throughout the South, Midwest, and East Coast. Highlights of this 30 concert tour included Yellow Boyz performing at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, headlining the Korean Festivals in both Atlanta and Washington DC, representing ATL at the End of the Weak open mic in NYC, and opening for B.O.B. at his birthday bash. With co-signs from all over the industry and a steady presence on www.worldstarhiphop.com, Yellow Boyz have become a fixture in the Atlanta hip hop scene.

In December of 2011, Yellow Boyz launched YBZ ENT, LLC, an entertainment company intended to house their rapidly growing operation. Yellow Boyz are set to release their new mixtape, YELLOW BRICK ROAD, on January 1, 2012. They will tour the "West" side of America and release an album for the Korean market, both in early 2012.

By early 2013, chino got 2 deweys ended up in and out of rehabs and jails, frequently getting visits from his day 1 ninjas Passda and Joel Howard. Though the group was facing some internal dilemmas, the Northside ninjas managed to drop N.W.A (Ninjas Wit Attitude): The World's Most Wanted Group, their third collaborative mixtape, with the help of fellow OG Sean Koo at Un1q Productions.

Early in 2014 when the Yellow Boyz were finally recouping from all of the madness, Passda, Paul Onion was involved in a Marijuana bust on his way to Douglasville, GA, getting caught with more that six bows in the trunk of his Cadillac. Paul Onion would turn himself in on May 2, 2014, serving "10 do 2" for an attempt to distribute charge.

Before turning himself in to the Feds, Paul "Passda" Onion released a solo project in a span of 3 months with features from Al P Chino, Jeniside, and Flu. The mixtape titled "Life's a Beach" included the single "Trippy like a Hippie" which was released with a laid back psychedelic music video.

Since Paul "Passda" Onion has been incarcerated in Prison, Al P Chino and Joel Jeniside Howard have been working on a new project with 2 other Northside Ninjas, Eugene "Geno" and SS. They plan to release the "Vacation" mixtape by the end of Summer '14, with the prayers of Paul Onion in their hearts.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Atlanta in 2011
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