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Author: Lily Rugo

Boston Comes Together To Support Hong Kong

Some rain and autumn chill couldn’t stop hundreds of Bostonians from coming out to the Boston Common to support the protestors in Hong Kong on Oct. 1. Protests in Hong Kong have been happening for weeks prior, and Boston’s rally was only one of many pro-Hong Kong gatherings in the U.S. on China’s National Day […]

October 14, 2014 • by Lily Rugo

Morgan Lynzi to Explore East and West Pop Culture Crossover in “East Meets Morgan”

ISAtv announced yesterday that it has picked up web series East Meets Morgan, an experiential pop culture show hosted by blogger and internet personality Morgan Lynzi exploring the bridge between East and West pop cultures through music, style, food, and beyond.

August 21, 2014 • by Lily Rugo

My Top 10 Favorite Nasim Pedrad Moments

After spending five years on Saturday Night Live, Nasim Pedrad left the show to co-star in Fox’s upcoming sitcom Mulaney.  To give her a warm send-off, we’ve compiled some of Pedrad’s best SNL moments.

August 3, 2014 • by Lily Rugo

How One South Korean Magazine Set Out To Change Asian Body Image

Asian girls and women are usually expected to be very thin, and that’s not a standard most young women go out of their way to break. Recently in South Korea, a country famed for its beauty products and nearly unattainable standard of beauty, model Vivian Kim (also known as Kim Ji-Yang in Korea) began her own magazine […]

July 17, 2014 • by Lily Rugo

MyChonny Stars in Upcoming Film Sucker

Australian YouTuber John Luc, aka mychonny, prepares for his film debut next year, featuring in independent movie Sucker.

June 13, 2014 • by Lily Rugo