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Kollaboration DC

Kollaboration DC Auditions – 2015

Kollaboration DC hosts an annual Talent Showcase & Competition to highlight the best talent from the DC area and to celebrate the local artist community. Each year, the winner from the Kollaboration DC Competition has a chance to advance to compete at the Kollaboration STAR event in Los Angeles, which comes with a $10,000 grand prize.  Both Kollaboration DC and Kollaboration STAR are fantastic opportunities for rising artists to gain experience as performers and for Asian American talent to get exposure.

These are the official rules for the Kollaboration DC’s 2015 6th Annual Showcase & Competition Auditions.  All performers interested in competing as finalists in the 2015 Competition must qualify through the participation in the Auditions process.  The 2015 show is tentatively scheduled for August 8th 2015!

Please contact dc@kollaboration.org with any questions.

Submission Process

  • All applications must include a completed Artist Profile form AND Audition Application form.  Please complete all fields in the application and submit an audition video via online link (as indicated in the online submission form). 
  • Online audition applications will close on 11:59 PM EST on March 27th, 2015.
  • Live auditions will be held on March 21st and April 4th. Please indicate which day(s) you are available for live auditions, as spaces may be limited. The Kollaboration DC staff will contact applicants with further information on live auditions.

General Audition Rules

  1. The Kollaboration DC 2015 Showcase is open to participants competing with musical performance acts only.  For this year’s showcase, performing artists aside from musicians will be able to perform as guest artists only.
  2. At least one member/participant in the performance must be of Asian ethnic descent, generally considered to be at least ⅛th heritage.
  3. All members and/or participants in the performance must be present at the live audition or in the online video submission. (i.e. If the performance requires a band, all band members must be present during the audition performance and/or participate in the online video)
  4. If you have previously auditioned for Kollaboration DC but were not a finalist in any of the previous showcases, you are eligible to audition. Previous DC finalists and guest performers are not eligible to audition for the Kollaboration DC 2015 showcase.
  5. Participants do not need to be residents of the DC metropolitan area. Participants must have the ability to fully attend Media Day, Rehearsals and Showcase without financial assistance from Kollaboration DC.
  6. Performances should not exceed 6 minutes in length. Points will be deducted for going over the time permitted for the audition.
  7. Performances must be appropriate for family audiences. No profanity, foul language, racist/sexist/discriminatory remarks, and/or sexually explicit content will be accepted.
  8. Audition performances must be similar to the intended final performance for the showcase. Significant deviations or addition of performers will not be allowed. (Clarification Update: For online video and live auditions, performers are free to choose song(s) that will differ from final performance, given that styles are similar)
  9. Participants are required to submit all forms online ahead of live auditions. Incomplete forms/documentation will result in an incomplete audition and participant(s) will not be considered for the showcase.
  10. All participants under 18 years of age are required to present a signed parent/guardian release form when requested and ahead of live auditions

Online Audition Rules

  1. Online audition videos must be raw footage; no editing or post-production effects are permitted.
  2. Online audition videos must have been created within the last year, defined as Jan. 1st 2014 or later.

Live Audition Rules

  1. Auditions will begin promptly on time. “No-shows” for auditions without 24 hours notice will result in automatic disqualification of entries to become a finalist for this showcase.
  2. Equipment availability is not guaranteed. Artists are ultimately  responsible for providing their own equipment, instruments, props, etc. for their audition performance.
  3. Participants are required to notify Kollaboration DC staff with any conflicting issues regarding auditions no later than 24 hours in advance prior to the day of live auditions or close of online auditions.

Online submissions and live audition performances that do not adhere to these rules and regulations, as determined by the Kollaboration DC staff, will not be considered.


Participants will be judged primarily on the following criteria:

  • Stage Presence
  • Creativity, Style and Originality
  • Technical Ability and Skill

Online video auditions are required.  Please reach out to Kollaboration DC staff if you will have difficulty fulfilling this requirement.

Live auditions are recommended but not required.  Generally, live auditions will greatly add to the strength of the application. However, spaces may become limited and we understand that scheduling for live auditions is not always possible. Therefore, live auditions will not be mandatory for consideration.

All judging decisions made by the Kollaboration DC Staff are final. Participants will be notified by Kollaboration DC staff if chosen to compete as Finalists in our 2015 Showcase. Press kits (biographies, pictures and all other media-related forms and/or content) for you/your group must be provided to Kollaboration DC staff upon request ahead of the Showcase . Finalist competitors must be available for a full-day Media Day and for a full dress rehearsal/show on the day of the showcase.


Kollaboration DC is not responsible for theft/damage or injury of any kind to persons or instruments, props, clothing, and other belongings, during or after the auditions and/or showcase performance.  If your performance changes significantly between Auditions and Showcase, we reserve the right to omit the performance from the final Showcase. Kollaboration DC reserves the right to halt performances for disorderly conduct that is unacceptable based on the rules stated above or against our themes of unity, creativity, and celebration of the Asian American community.