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Rules and Regulations

  1. All members of your group must be available for the live auditions to be considered for the show. Kollaboration staff will provide you/your group with a time slot. Please arrive early!

  2. At least 1 (ONE) member of your group must be of Asian Pacific Islander descent and have a prominent role in your act.

  3. If under the age of 18, permission is required by a parent or authorized guardian. Proof of age with an official identification card must be presented upon request by Kollaboration staff.

  4. NO offensive language, such as racist and/or sexist remarks, is allowed.

  5. Performances must be in English.

  6. Artists are responsible for providing their own music, instruments, props, etc.

  7. All music must be approved by Kollaboration staff.

  8. Artists must include an online video link to group and/or individual past performance or home recording to be considered for a live audition.

  9. If selected, artists must be available for a full dress rehearsal at a future specified date prior to the competition.

  10. Kollaboration reserves the right to refuse performances for disorderly conduct that we feel is unacceptable or against the theme of unity, creativity, and celebration to the Asian American community.

*Artists will be judged based on skills/abilities, stage presence, and creativity.

*All submissions (including music, video, or images) to Kollaboration gives Kollaboration the right to reproduce, copy, modify, or alter their submissions and performance footages without payment or compensation to group or individual.

*Artists agree to provide their own means of transportation. If unable to commit, Kollaboration reserves the right to withdraw artists from the audition/show.


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