Jae Jin


Jae Jin has spent the last 4 years working for social justice in the heart of Baltimore City. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University, he found himself prepared to begin graduate studies in an MD/MBA program. Despite support from family and friends to continue down a well-defined career path, he boldly passed up the opportunity, favoring the passion he has for music and citing his source of courage as a two-time survivor.

Jae has always loved music since a young age but recently has dedicated himself to master his crafts not only vocally but through keys and guitar. His newest endeavors are constantly pushing his own boundaries and expectations, and his fans are always excited to follow his development and growth. In November 2014, after spending the 12 years in Baltimore, Jae packed his life up in a few boxes, and relocated to NY to pursue his passions fully.

Much like other "come-from-nowhere" stories, he inadvertently caught the attention of many within the music industry less than a year ago with his no-frills viral cover of a 1960s soul classic by Sam Cooke. The following months had numerous meetings with labels, music executives, and even meetings with some major network reality TV shows. Instead of signing any contracts, he decided to hold onto his creative control and began making plans to work on his debut album with his own collective of team members and plans to release his DEBUT album in the summer of 2015. Feeling like he's only at 5% of where he believes he will be as an artist and musician, he continues to work endlessly toward cultivating his crafts in music and writing. Jae has been featured in The Huffington Post and has also been featured as a principal actor as a musician on the original Netflix TV show, House of Cards. Furthermore, his passion has been honed by his experiences as a 13-year oncology patient and two-time survivor. He hopes to inspire with his unique story and remind others that if they were also given two months to live, they would probably live life very differently.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Washington DC in 2014
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