Mike B.


Born and raised in Koreatown, Los Angeles, Mike B's path directs him to an emotionally hurtful event in his life, which led him to write his feelings down, creating them into lyrics, and producing his first song the same night. From then on he started writing about life-altering moments, to humorous and witty lyricism as the foundation of his music.

Talented producer and close friend of Mike B., Matt Merisola (aka LoDef), produced many of Mike’s music and as a team have worked together to unveil the unique album “Dear Michael, You’re Welcome”. (Releasing nationwide, 12.12.12) The collaboration of the innovative fuse of hip-hop, electronic, and soul-jazz beats that are carefully pieced together by LoDef and the versatile yet relatable lyricism that Mike B. offers only one result to the outcome. Simply put, it’s remarkably special.

Mike B.’s first solo project prior to this album was his mix tape album; “Better Late Than Never.” This project’s focus was to express his personal emotions and the enthusiasm he had and still has for music. With the great outcomes of the first album, Mike B. was driven by success and passion to continue his dream to be an artist.

Although both albums may seem to have the same focal point, Mike B.’s newest album is definitely a story to hear through his music. This album includes a lot more of Mike B.’s song-writing forte, where he was able to incorporate them into the hooks of his tracks. There are also featured artists like, Breezy Lovejoy, Jazz & The Giant, and Toestah, but it’s clear that Mike B. is shining his talents and including the suitable people to aid him. “Dear Michael, You’re Welcome”, contains 12 songs that tell a journey of Mike B. and his constant battle with his passion to pursue his music career but sacrifice time with the family and friends that support him through his trek. Its no wonder the album can connect to a wide-range audience.

“I want to be seen as an artist and developing song writer, not just another Los Angeles underground rapper. I’m dreaming big, and those dreams are finally becoming a reality.”
- Mike B.


  • Performed at Kollaboration Los Angeles in 2013
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