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ABOUT US — We’re the DC chapter of Kollaboration, a national non-profit focused on promoting diversity in media and entertainment.

Our mission is to empower Asian Americans pursuing artistic paths, and we want to give our Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community the platform needed to make an impact. Throughout the year, we coordinate events bringing prominent API performers to DC and host events of our own, such as our annual Kollaboration DC Showcase & Competition, to uncover local talent from the larger DC metro area.

Auditions for our 6th Annual Talent Showcase & Competition are OPEN NOW.  Each year, the winner from the Kollaboration DC Competition has a chance to advance to the Kollaboration STAR event in Los Angeles, which comes with a $10,000 grand prize.  Both Kollaboration DC and Kollaboration STAR are fantastic opportunities for rising artists to gain experience as performers and for Asian American talent to get exposure.  See our auditions page for more information on how to get started!


BE SEEN, BE HEARD — Our passion is opening to door for young artists who want to grow, and we want to create as many opportunities as possible for people to perform.  Whether it is singing, dancing, rapping, mixing, spoken word, instruments, or something else entirely, we want to hear from you!  Fill out an Artist Profile form to help us keep in contact with you for future performances  When we find any opportunities that match your profile, we will send them your way.

SPONSOR THE MOVEMENT — Kollaboration is a community-based movement that offers numerous opportunities for partnership with local businesses. As a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission of “Empowerment Through Entertainment”, we believe creating platforms for artists at all levels is fundamental in giving a strong voice to the API community.  For more information on partnering with Kollaboration DC, please see our Sponsors page.

GET CONNECTED — Stay in touch!  We’re all about posting on social media and we’d love to see you there. For news and updates, follow us on Facebook (Kollaboration DC) or sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter.  We’ve got a sweet Instagram (@KollaborationDC), and we even have a Snapchat handle (surprise, it’s also KollaborationDC) for live and behind-the-scenes looks at our events.  To learn how to get in contact directly, take a moment to glance through our contact info.

Join In

KOLLAB WITH US — We at Kollaboration DC are composed entirely of talented, motivated staff members, all young professionals and students from the greater DC metro area, who contribute their time and drive the movement forward.  Throughout the year, we seek individuals who share our enthusiasm for the arts and have the skills and dedication to fill key roles.


If you believe you can make impact with Kollaboration, please complete our staff application and let us know. This is your chance to join our team and be part of a movement that’s out to make a difference for our community!

About Kollaboration

Kollaboration is a global platform to discover, empower, and connect AAPI artists and leaders to promote diversity representation in media. Stand-up comedian Paul “PK” Kim founded Kollaboration in 2000 as a platform for aspiring Korean American artists to share their talents and pursue those “impossible” “unrealistic” creative careers. Over time, the LA-based talent competition and showcase spread to several other cities in North America and became a pan-Asian Pacific Islander movement and official 501c3 non-profit organization in 2006.

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